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Scott Feller | General Manager

For the last 18 years, Scott has served as the Director of Golf at the New Course at Broken Sound. Broken Sound is a 5-star Platinum Club of America and a Distinguished Emerald Club. Scott was awarded the “Distinguished Achievement in Exceptional Contribution in Leadership to the Member Experience” Boardroom Magazine, 2013 and 2020. Throughout his tenure, he demonstrated visionary long and short-range strategic planning for the entire club operation as highlighted by the following:

● Created and implemented membership attraction and retention programs resulting in over 40 membership sales and more than $700,000 in revenue.
●Was directly responsible for sourcing, bids, and procurement during several large capital purchases.
● Significantly increased food and beverage sales through trendsetting programming while maintaining responsible food costs through menu selection, pricing, and member value.
● Co-managed a $3 million golf course redesign and renovation collaborating on budget, design, and oversight.
● Proposed, oversaw, and developed the plan for a $300,000 stand-alone teaching and technology studio working with contractors, IT specialists, and vendors.
● Worked closely with architects, contractors, vendors, and specialists to propose, develop and design a lifestyle and virtual store during a multi-million dollar clubhouse renovation.
● Greatly enhanced the member experience through design, implementation, and oversight of staff training, club communications, and social media usage.

During his career at one of the largest and finest private clubs in the United States, Scott’s role has consistently expanded and evolved. He has demonstrated highly successful leadership and management in construction, food and beverage, budgeting and accounting, membership, golf, fitness, and forward-looking strategic planning. Prior to Broken Sound, Scott served as the Head Professional for seven years at the Standard Country Club, an upscale private club in Louisville, Kentucky. While living in Louisville, Scott met his wife, Holli. Scott and Holli have two boys, Sawyer and Sutton. Scott is always looking for innovative ways to elevate the member experience at The Royal Fox and The Grove and strives to make them among the finest in the country. Feel free to connect with him at any time.