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Royal Country Clubs’ Player Development Program is here to help you take your game to the next level. Members and non-members of The Royal Country Clubs can join the program and receive special rates on private golf lessons and clinics, including junior and women-tailored programming.

Whether you are single digit or a mid to high handicap, there is always room for improvement. Everyone has the ability to become a better golfer with the proper knowledge specifically tailored to the individual. Our professionals are here to meet and exceed these needs for you to ensure that the game is more fun than you can ever imagine. 

BJ Paul "Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see a happy golfer after I've helped them improve their game. I have spent a great deal of time in seminars and meetings about how to grow the game of golf. We at the Royal clubs truly believe we have come up with a program that will grow the game for everyone and are excited to share it with you."

- BJ Paul
Director of Player Development












To View More details- please call BJ in the Royal Fox Pro Shop at 630-584-4003

Please follow this link to view more details on BJ's Custom Coaching Programs


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